Don't you assume that dental treatment only last for 2 to 3 years, which requires for a repair again?

"Relief is from a relationship of mutual trust. Based on the previous concept, I provide the medical treatment plan looking ahead to the future of next 5years or 10years. Safety and certainty were considered at the first, besides of cooperating with the medical specialists (reform, anesthesia, oral surgery) to perform a team approach for operation. Furthermore, our medical treatment aims to the quality of non-repair as much as possible. Moreover, we also consider to the design which could accommodate afterward or any other additional service beforehand.

Doctor profile

Doctor profile

Simplified personal history
Masakazu Takahashi

  • 1988

    Graduation from Tokyo dentistry artisan vocational school
    Dental technician license Acquisition

  • 1996

    Graduation from Tokyo Dental College
    Hitotsubashi Dental Clinic(Chiyoda district)

  • 2000

    Tokushinkai Medical corporation
    Chiba Dental Clinic

  • 2002

    Takahashi Dental Office

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Membership of professional institutions

  • Tokyo SJCD
  • Japan Academy of Gnathology (certified doctor)
  • Blanket dental care study group
  • Naoshi Perio Club
  • Nobel Biotechnology Care official-recognition Mentor program lecturer


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  • ◆JR Chiba Station Alighting on foot 10 minutes
  • ◆Keisei Lines Chiba-chuuou Station Alighting on foot 7 minutes
  • ◆Monorail Yoshikawa-kouen Station Alighting on foot 5 minutes